Apple's Future Initiatives: Developing Image Sensors and Batteries In-House

Новости технологий
The recent story about Apple's efforts to develop its own modem on the pages of the Bloomberg website was continued, as regular columnist Mark Gurman decided to focus on describing other similar initiatives. Apple is ready to improve not only its own processors and displays but also create batteries, as well as image sensors for cameras.

Apple's philosophy in this area is very clear: the more control it has over the creation of its component base, the more it can improve it and stand out from its competitors. Apple will still not release independently developed components, but it will be able to influence many elements of its own ecosystem, emphasizing its uniqueness among the general mass of standard solutions.

Apple processors for smartphones, tablets, and PCs are expected to switch to 2nm production technology in the foreseeable future. The M3 family will include a chip with the Ultra suffix, and the M4 family will appear in the future. Besides Apple's efforts to create its own Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modem and controller, the company is working on a number of other in-house component initiatives.

- MicroLED displays, debuting on the Apple Watch and later spreading to other brand devices.
- Non-invasive blood glucose monitoring featured in the company's smartwatches.
- Development of more advanced batteries in cooperation with specialized companies, with the aim of eventually creating independent technology in this area.
- Resources dedicated to developing Apple's own image sensors for digital cameras, aiming to gain a competitive advantage in photographic capabilities for smartphones. These developments will also be useful for creating augmented reality devices and automotive active driver assistance systems.