Deus Ex Jensen’s voice actor is outraged by AI generators: “You want my voice? Pay me”

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More and more actors who play in games and lend their images to characters are expressing outrage at the proliferation of artificial intelligence algorithms that can already generate, for example, dialogue. Following the outraged Erika Lindbeck (Futaba's voice actress in Persona 5) who was disgusted by the discovery of videos of her AI-generated voice, Elias Toufexis, a voice actor in over 20 games including Starfield (Sam Coe) and Deux Ex (Adam Jensen). Toufexis said that using artificial intelligence systems to generate voices 'is theft', commenting on the creation of a fan mod for Cyberpunk 2077 that introduces the voice of Adam Jensen from Deux Ex (with new lines never spoken by the actor). By the way, the actor presented a picture in which he remembers the characters who gave his voice, writing that 'there is much more to come.' So we look forward to the reveal of new roles in which we will hear the voice of Toufexis, who recently voiced Sam Coe from Starfield.