FNCS 2023: Duo Cooper-Mero Win Global Championship

FNCS 2023 ends with a massive and lively Global Championship in Copenhagen, Denmark on October 15 2023. The prize pool, US$4 million, is so large that it attracts many of the best Fortnite players around the world. The competition lasted for three days and ended with Cooper and Mero winning!

Cooper and Mero Successfully Win the Champion Title at FNCS 2023!

FNCS Global Championship 2023 or more commonly called Fortnite Global Championship 2023 will take place on 13-15 October 2023 as a LAN event. The final Fortnite competition involved the top 75 duos who qualified from various FNCS 2023 events. Like most tournaments, there were Upper Bracket, Lower Bracket and final rounds.

It turned out that Cooper and Mero won the championship title and US$1 million cash prize. In fact, some fans were surprised to find out the ages of the two. Mero is listed as 19 years old, while Cooper is still 16 years old. Moreover, this is Cooper's first LAN event.

Esports Charts states that the 2023 FNCS Global Championship managed to achieve the highest number of viewers of 720,000, making it the most watched Fortnite event in the last four years. Overall, the 2023 FNCS final event was the fourth most watched Fortnite event.

Of course, this year's new FNCS format still managed to wow fans. The return of large-scale LAN events as end-of-season events has helped increase viewership numbers since the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 2023 FNCS Global Championship will also be remembered as one of the best esports tournaments of all time. Cooper and Mero's struggles will definitely inspire all players around the world.