GTA San Andreas: секрет, который, возможно, вы никогда не замечали почти 20 лет

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A name, a cult: GTA San Andreas is the best-selling game for PS2 and one of the most acclaimed titles ever, however it was produced by Rockstar Games hides a secret that many have never noticed despite the game being released almost 20 years ago (2004).

If you've never noticed, we invite you to play a game now to find out the truth: when you steal a car in GTA San Andreas, soon you will start seeing clones of the same car on the streets or in parking lots: dozens of cars of the same model, in some cases only the color changes, in other cases not even the color is different.

But why does this happen? There is no official reason, however it is thought that it was a technical expedient to not burden the memory and CPU of the PlayStation 2 too much, at the time squeezed to the max by an extremely ambitious game like GTA San Andreas.

Rockstar Games wanted to create a city that is always on the move and full of cars and passers-by, however this result could not be easily achieved on PS2 and, according to a theory developed over the years and which has taken hold among the community, the developers would have opted to reproduce the last object loaded into memory several times (for example a car), effectively generating one or more clones, saving so about RAM usage. And you, did you know?