Игры Baldur's Gate 3 и Gollum добавлены в подписку PlayStation Plus Premium

Игровые новости
PlayStation Plus Premium пополнила две новые "пробные версии" игр - для Baldur's Gate III и The Lord of the Rings: Gollum.
The latter allows you to evaluate an hour of the game about Gollum, which received devastating reviews from critics and ordinary users, and at the same time became the reason for the closure of the studio Daedelic. Whether anyone would be interested in such a proposal, however, is not very clear.
The trial version of BG3 will offer up to 2 hours of play. Given the impressive length of the role-playing adventure, a couple of hours of story will allow players to see only a small part of the story.
The full list of trials includes other various games like Sifu, Hellboy Web of Wyrd, Final Fantasy VII Reunion and so on.
Baldur's Gate 3 itself recently received another hotfix, where Gale's romantic scene was fixed. And before that, the authors presented a collector's edition of the game for $80.
By the way, the release of BG3 on Xbox Series will take place in December - the exact date will apparently be announced at the ceremony The Game Awards 2023.