Linda Yaccarino refuses to step down as head of X amid neo-Nazi content scandal

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In recent days, numerous company executives and former colleagues of CEO Linda Yaccarino have privately called on her to resign to 'save her face,' independent sources say. Linda even received such advice at her daughter's wedding on Saturday. However, she refused to leave the company, saying that she 'believes in the mission of X and its employees.' The left-leaning nonprofit group Media Matters for America released reports last week showing ads on X's platform of top brands next to posts promoting 'pro-Nazi' and 'white nationalist content.' Many companies are now trying to distance themselves from X owner Elon Musk. Brands fear complaints from shareholders and potential boycotts from their customers if they continue to advertise on the platform. X hired Linda Yaccarino in June to bring advertisers back to the platform. Previously, Linda worked as an advertising executive at NBCUniversal. Thanks to her network of marketers at major companies, she has repeatedly had to overcome their opposition to Musk's changes to the platform and the controversial comments he has posted. Yaccarino claims that X's security record has improved during her time at the social network's helm. Last week, in response to allegations against the platform, she said: 'X has been very clear about our efforts to combat anti-Semitism and discrimination. There is absolutely no place for this anywhere in the world.' On Sunday, Musk wrote on his X account: 'Last week there were hundreds of false stories in the media claiming that I am an anti-Semite. Nothing could be further from the truth. I wish humanity nothing but a better, prosperous and exciting future for all.' A day earlier, Musk promised to file a 'thermonuclear lawsuit' against Media Matters for what he said was a 'fraudulent attack' on X. Media Matters chief executive Angelo Carusone, in turn, is confident that he is right and claims that will easily win in court.