Marvel’s Wolverine: Leaks about release period and setting

Игровые новости
While Spider-Man is already swinging through New York in Insomniac's new title, eyes now turn to Marvel's Wolverine, the next game from the superhero hobbyists. Insomniac Games has just delivered mightily with Marvel's Spider-Man 2, but one should not forget that the studio has another Marvel title in the pipeline with Wolverine. Marvel's Wolverine already seems to have the attention of industry insiders and leakers, as pretty concrete leaks have emerged about the release period and setting of the upcoming superhero game. The well-known Jeff Grubb had already pointed to a release in autumn 2024, but there were already reports of an internal postponement. There could be something to it, because the well-known leaker Daniel Richtman has now also commented on the topic. However, he only predicts the new release period for 2025, which would confirm the theory of a postponement. Richtman also wants to have initial information about the setting. Accordingly, Marvel's Wolverine will take place in Madripoor, a fictional Southeast Asian city in the Marvel Universe. Madripoor is described as a playground for pirates and criminals, which gives hope for plenty of action. Fittingly, Richtman claims that Marvel's Wolverine will be significantly darker and more brutal than the Spier-Man titles. If Wolverine actually doesn't make his appearance until 2025, it will probably be at least a while before we get any concrete and official information about the game. Until then, the leakers have plenty of room for speculation.