Marvel’s Wolverine postponed to 2025 and details on the setting from a well-known journalist

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According to Daniel Richtman, a well-known journalist in the field of cinema and television, states that Marvel's Wolverine will arrive in stores in 2025, therefore later than what Sony announced, also revealing some potential setting details which will be the backdrop to the game. Officially Marvel's Wolverine is expected during 2024, but in fact, we still know very little about the next PS5 exclusive created by Insomniac Games and two years have now passed since the first and only official trailer. In short, despite the details emerging from the CV of a Sony Bend concept artist stating the opposite, we cannot exclude a priori a possible postponement. Via a Patreon post, Richtman also states that Marvel's Wolverine will be set in Madripoor, a fictional island in the Marvel Universe inspired by Singapore and located in Southeast Asia. Mainly associated with stories featuring the X-Men, it is described as a haven for smuggling, secret societies, and warlords. It is not clear whether this will be the only location where the game will take place. At the beginning of February, Jeff Grubb had described Marvel's Wolverine as a semi-open world title, giving the idea of ​​a wide-ranging linear structure similar to that of the last chapters of God of War. Richtman also added that the game will have darker atmospheres and more violent tones compared to previous Insomniac Games games, which is a detail that is confirmed in the words of game director Brian Horton, who described it as a game with 'mature tones'. As usual, we suggest you take all the information shared by Richtman with a pinch of salt, as it is not possible to verify its veracity in any way at the moment.