Meta✴ предложила жителям Европы отключить рекламу на Instagram✴ и Facebook✴ за плату

Игровая индустрия
In response to new EU privacy regulations, Meta✴ offers European users the option to turn off advertising on Facebook✴ and Instagram✴ for €9.99 per month – for the first time only. Users can choose to consent to targeted advertising by Meta✴ or subscribe to the monthly fee to opt out completely. The subscription fee varies depending on the payment method, starting from €9.99 through the web interface and increasing to €12.99 for payments through Google or Apple app stores. Starting March 1, 2024, the subscription fee applies per account on one platform, with additional fees for extra accounts. Meta✴ emphasizes the choice is provided due to legal changes and continues to offer personalized ads for free users. Subscription is available for users over 18.
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