Meta расформировала Responsible AI, ответственную за безопасность искусственного интеллекта

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Most workers will be transferred to teams that deal with generative artificial intelligence and AI infrastructure. The company has disbanded its Responsible AI division, a team that worked to regulate the safety of artificial intelligence products as they are developed and deployed, according to a Meta spokesperson. Most of the team members will be transferred to the Generative AI product division, and some will work in the AI infrastructure team. The Generative AI team, founded in February, is focused on developing products that generate human-like text and images. Meta is now in the status of a company catching up with the leaders in the AI race. AI safety has now become a priority as more governments pay attention to the potential harm from newborn technologies. In July, Anthropic, Google, Microsoft and OpenAI created an industry group focused on setting safety standards as AI advances. Although Responsible AI's employees are now dispersed throughout the organization, a Meta spokesperson noted that the company will continue to support the responsible development and use of AI but did not specify how. At the beginning of the year, the Responsible AI team had already gone through a restructuring that made the division just a 'shell.' One of Responsible AI's tasks is to identify problems with automated AI systems on the company's platforms, including those related to moderation.
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