Remedy: New concept and name for Project Vanguard

Игры в разработке

Project Vanguard, which has been in development at Remedy since 2021, is receiving a new concept and is now called Kestrel. As of 2021, it has been known that Remedy is working on a paid premium game codenamed Vanguard with a strong, cooperative multiplayer component with the support of Tencent. After the title, which was still in the proof-of-concept phase at the time, was postponed internally in 2022, Remedy is now announcing the change in the concept and the name of the game. Many elements from the original Vanguard remain and will be refined with a greater focus on Remedy's core strengths. The reason for the change in direction is the uncertainty surrounding the development of a successful game for the rapidly changing market and the associated risks. As a result of the restructuring, the game returns to the concept phase, while only key and selected members of the development team remain in the project.