SK hynix and NVIDIA Collaborate to Integrate HBM4 Memory into GPU

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The development of high-performance computing depends on developers integrating the fastest types of memory. SK hynix and NVIDIA are working on integrating HBM4 chips directly onto the GPU. The use of HBM memory has been a characteristic of NVIDIA's accelerators. SK hynix, the sole supplier of HBM3 memory, is now developing technology to integrate HBM4 memory directly on top of the GPU chip. This proximity will enhance information exchange speed, but it requires careful consideration of production and component cooling. SK hynix may transfer HBM4 chips to TSMC, which will produce NVIDIA GPUs, allowing direct integration without an intermediate substrate. HBM4 memory is expected to offer increased capacity with a wider memory bus width of 2048 bits. Cooling challenges may arise due to the increasing heat of GPUs without memory, necessitating advanced cooling methods in the server segment. It is possible that HBM4 chips and associated graphics processors will follow similar technological standards in production.