Сколько примогем можно получить в Genshin Impact с патчем 4.3?

Игровые новости
Update 4.3 is planned by the end of 2023, scheduled from December 20 to January 31, 2024. Leaks suggest no new Archon chapter, but a story quest from Navia is expected. This quest may delve into the adaptation of Fontaine's inhabitants to post-flood life and the role of Spina di Rosula in restoring normalcy to the capital and villages.

The update introduces two new characters: Navia, the head of Spina di Rosula, and Chevreuse, the Special Patrol commander. A rerun of Inazumukas Ayaka, Shogun Raiden, and Yeimiya is also expected.

Here is an approximate breakdown of primogems in Genshin Impact for patch 4.3, including rewards for F2P players and those purchasing the Battle Pass and Hollow Moon. Note that this information is preliminary and subject to change before the official release.

If you don't convert the twists into source stones, the final amounts are as follows:

- F2P players: 7,365 Primogems (~46 Prayers), 14 Fateful Encounters, 7 Intertwined Fates.
- Players with donation: 11,825 primogems (~73 prayers), 14 Fateful Encounters, 11 Intertwined Fates.

For the latest updates, refer to official announcements as the information in the table may change.

We hope this article helps you understand the total number of twists and primogems obtainable in patch 4.3.