Starfield: средний рейтинг на Steam падает

Игровые новости

Several weeks have passed since the imperfect but vast Starfield universe arrived on the Xbox and PC gaming market under the Microsoft banner. The space epic Bethesda has already been stripped and appreciated by the most avid fans but, in the last few hours, Starfield's rating has plummeted on Steam. We are well aware of the merits and defects of the game, just as the expressed and partly dormant potential of Starfield's realism and science between engineering and video games are well known, but the people of the Valve client felt that what Bethesda created does not reach a rating above the average for gaming standards, following the 75,773 total reviews, of which 6,024 are recent. For example, the most recent user reviews refer to one deep disappointment of some fans for what they saw and played in Starfield. 'Extremely disappointed. After crazy hype for this game, I only felt disappointment.' Thus begins the opinion expressed by the user with the nickname 'rattatavincente' who, after 74.6 hours of play, believes that Starfield 'It's not even worth 20 euros... Loading everywhere, very bad interactions and above all this is a game without a soul; it can't make you immerse yourself.' More moderate, however, is the idea of ArlesPera, yet another user who advises other gamers against purchasing Starfield in light of his very personal experience of 334.8 hours in total, of which 264.8 at the time of the review. 'I find myself not recommending this title today because for the cost and for what it could/should be it is disappointing. Certainly with various patches and expansions, and at a reduced price, it will be a good title. The main problem with this game is an old one; it seemed like Fallout 4 in space to me.' Furthermore, the user mentioned above also refers to the release of a community patch at the end of October, which led to work on improving the AI of the enemies and much more. Between those who madly adored the game and those who didn't appreciate it in any way, opinions on Starfield are extremely heterogeneous. What do you think?