The Alter – Preview / Preview – Remember this game!

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After a cryptic teaser almost a year ago, things were quiet around 'The Alter' for a long time. Now we finally know what's behind the new work from the makers of 'This War of Mine' because 11 bit Studios presented us with a good hour of gameplay.

'With every decision we make every day, we humans shape ourselves. This process makes us who we are and can sometimes be quite painful,' says lead artist Tomasz Kisilewicz, describing the inspiration for the latest science fiction film. Adventures from 11 bit Studios. What if we had the power to change these decisions? How would a simple yes or no in an important conversation affect our lives, our character? In 'The Alter,' Kisilewicz and his team give us the chance to experience the impact of these decisions.

Anyone who knows the film 'Butterfly Effect' knows that digging into your own past doesn't always lead to the desired result. The consequences of our actions are far-reaching, affect many other lives and can be felt multiple times – for better or for worse. In 'The Alter' these consequences become a tool for the protagonist Jan Dolski. Jan is on a high-risk mission: On an alien planet, his crew is supposed to recover the unique element Rapidium, which is capable of…