US and Chinese Leaders to Sign Treaty on AI Control in Nuclear Weapons

Новости о мире нейросетей и ИИ
US leaders Joe Biden and Chinese leaders Xi Jinping are set to sign an agreement limiting the use of artificial intelligence in nuclear weapons control systems. They are due to meet on Wednesday at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in San Francisco amid growing tensions between the states. Among the main issues on the agenda is the spread of artificial intelligence in military technologies. Biden and Xi should reach an agreement limiting the use of AI in autonomous weapons such as drones and in systems used to control and deploy nuclear warheads. The two countries signed an agreement in February in The Hague on the responsible use of AI in the military, and at a summit in Bletchley Park, UK, in early November, they were among those agreeing to work together to overcome the threat posed by the technology. The US and China have been trying to integrate AI into their militaries for several years, but there are growing concerns about its use in autonomous weapons systems that can independently select and engage targets.