Vivo X100 Officially Unveiled, Debuting Dimensity 9300 and New Standard in Mobile Shooting

Новости технологий

At today's conference, the technical characteristics of smartphones in the vivo X100 series were officially announced. A key feature is the use of the Dimensity 9300 processor, which became the world's first full-core processor with a 12-core flagship graphics chip and a separate seventh generation artificial intelligence module, including a built-in generative artificial intelligence engine – APU790. This chip can lead the way in performance and power efficiency, as well as provide seamless integration of software and hardware for AI. In addition, the X100 series devices will be the first in the world to use LPDDR5T memory with bandwidth up to 9.6 Gbps. The overall Antutu score for the device exceeded 2.24 million points, which is highlighted as 'full power and omnivorous.' Particular attention is paid to the vivo X100 Pro, equipped with a proprietary V3 image processing chip. Together with the Dimensity 9300, this chip brings video shooting to mobile phones into the 'era of computational cameras.' Notably, the X100 Pro offers '4K-level full-channel processing' features, including various video effects such as 4K movie-level blur and 4K video style adjustment. It's also important to note that vivo is focusing on device designs inspired by the sun, moon, and stars. The X100 series mobile phones get a unique design using mirror stainless steel to create a double sun and moon ring. The color scheme of the devices includes Star Blue, Moonlight White, and Chenye Black, each made from different materials to provide a unique texture. It also announced the launch of mobile phones using double roller deep dyeing technology, providing a new water ripple texture for the sunset orange color. Information on prices and delivery times to stores will be announced later.