Враг с посохом в Genshin Impact: где найти

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The Staff Enemy in Genshin Impact is the fourth stage of the Criminal Recognition Experiment Log temporary event. The test targets will be enemies who use canes, staves, or similar weapons in battle. This guide will tell you where you can find enemies with a staff and how to take pictures of them to get samples and rewards.

Where to find Staff Enemies in Genshin Impact

On the fourth day, enemies who have a weapon that resembles a cane or staff will be suitable for snapshots. Most opponents of this type are hilichurls or Abyss.

Fatui Skirmisher: Geo Caster

Geo Fatui uses a staff in battle, so it is suitable for obtaining a sample. Head northwest of Fontaine, to the Liffey area. Near the teleportation point on the Eastern slope of Mon Esus you will find a small Fatui camp where you can take a photo of the Geo Skirmisher.

Geo Shamachurl

One of the most famous staff wielders in the game is Geo Shamachurl, who resides in Li Yue. Teleport to Kingfisher Slope in Jasper Forest and take a photo of the Shamachurl standing on the northern mountain. Several other representatives of this species can also be found in this location.

Electro shamachurl

Electro shamachurl also fits the conditions for the event. Several of them stand in the southwest of Sumeru City, on a small island. Teleport to the Temple of Surastana and fly in the indicated direction to take the necessary photographs below the water.

Wind Operative

Among the enemies in Fontaine, a Fatui fighter called the Wind Operator may be targeted. To find it, use the teleportation point on the Eastern slope of Mon Atoneka and go a little to the southeast. The right enemy is standing near Fatui's tent.

Frost Operative

Also eligible is the Frost Operator belonging to Fatui. He is located in the same place as the previous enemy. From the teleportation point on the Eastern slope of Mon Atoneki, move to the tent in the southeast.


Exchange of 5 sample cards will allow you to receive the following valuable items from Lepin-Pauline:

We hope our guide helped you take pictures of enemies with a staff in Genshin Impact. IN comments Write questions if you encounter difficulties, the author or other players will try to help. Read the general guide to the Criminal Recognition Experiment Log and stay tuned for the latest Genshin Impact guides.