Warner Bros. Clarifies Wonder Woman Action Movie Rumors

Игровые новости

Warner Bros. addressed rumors about the Wonder Woman action movie potentially becoming a service game. Discovery's hint at turning franchises into service games sparked concerns among fans. Job vacancies at Monolith Productions suggested a similar fate for the upcoming Wonder Woman film. The lead gameplay software engineer position initially mentioned experience in 'helping support a game or product-service,' but the wording later disappeared. Warner Bros. assured IGN that Wonder Woman is not intended to be a service game, emphasizing its focus on a single-player action game with an open-world setting. The game promises an original story in the DC Universe with the Nemesis system of archenemies. Despite concerns, the project is positioned as a standalone third-person action game. Wonder Woman was teased in December 2021 and has not received further demonstrations, unlike the cooperative action movie Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.