Weloveplayers Agency Expands Support for Russian Indie Games

Игровые новости

The Russian agency Weloveplayers, known for providing media support to small game development teams, has announced its expansion. The company now plans to publish more projects from domestic indie studios.

In an official message on VKontakte, Weloveplayers expressed readiness to publish games in Western countries, China, Russia, and the CIS. They commit to supporting developers financially and assisting with marketing and production.

“We are against donation dumps! It is important for us that Russian game development is distinguished by unique single-player projects without donations and money-sucking mechanics. We believe that small indie games can generate sufficient income for the growth of domestic game studios, publishers, and our industry as a whole,” stated Weloveplayers.

To request assistance with financing and promoting a game, studios need to fill out a special form. Weloveplayers promises to contact each author without fail.