Wonder Woman: Warner Denies Reports of Live Service Game

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It's been a few months since Wonder Woman was announced, and details about the game are still scarce. A job advertisement now points to a specific concept.

Following reports of the possibility of Wonder Woman becoming a live service game after references to it appeared in a job posting, Warner Bros. has now hastily denied it. Warner made his comments more than clear to his colleagues at IGN.

"Wonder Woman is a single-player action-adventure game set in a dynamic open world," the statement reads. "This third-person experience will allow players to take on the role of Diana of Themyscira and tell an original story set in the DC Universe, including the Nemesis System. Wonder Woman is not being designed as a live service ."

What's exciting is the renewed confirmation of the Nemesis system, which caused a stir in Monolith's two Middle-earth games through dynamically designed enemies that react to actions and decisions but has not appeared in any game since.

Original message 2023-11-16 10:12
Wonder Woman, the upcoming adaptation of the DC superheroine from Monolith and Warner, was announced as a single-player title some time ago, but details about the game are so far scarce. A detail in a job advertisement for the position of 'Lead Software Engineer, Gameplay' is now causing a stir.

In addition to the mandatory requirements for such a position in a AAA project, there is also an entry 'Experience in operating a live software product or game' under 'nice to have'. So it seems like Wonder Woman could definitely become a live service game despite the single player concept.

That would at least fit with recent statements from Warner saying that they want to convert the biggest gaming franchises into live service games. Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav at least made this statement in a financial report. Wonder Woman wasn't explicitly mentioned, but at least Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, DC, and Mortal Kombat were mentioned.

'We are focused on transforming our largest franchises from a largely console and PC-based game with three-to-four year release schedules into a game that is always available through live services, multiplatform, and free-to-play expansions, with the goal of more players spending more time on more platforms,' said Zaslav.